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Blood Brothers help guide Intro

The team over at Mobage has come out with a new RPG. In Blood Brothers you battle then capture monsters and evolve them into new familiars that fight by your side. In This blood brothers strategy guide mmoguideswonderland will show all the hints and tips that will get you playing at your best.

Blood Brothers Android guide

  • Blood Brothers is a free to play game and can be found on here

  • When firing up the game for the first time you will prompted to choose your warlord hero. Their many characters to pick from all with their own strong skills and beginning stats.
  • The beginners’ tutorial starts after you have chosen your warlord. After going through the tutorial you are taken back to the main screen.


  • In the Main menu screen you can start or continue your game, check on your characters profile and forge a pack

  • From the main menu, clicking on the more button will give you access to the above menu. This menu will let you access in game help, the shop, your allies, your items, dismiss familiar allies and rearrange your band lineup.

Starting to Blood Brothers

  • When starting out on your adventure your warlord is the only character you have control over, to grow your band you must capture familiars and force them to join you.
  • Click the adventure button on the main screen to begin the Game

  • The area map is the first you seen when you begin. The red arrow tells you where you must travel; tap on it the location to show the zone menu.
  • Every map has five zones in it and you have to finish each of them before moving onto the next map.

  • Click on the okay to start the zone. The Adventure Prep menu is now shown.

  • From this screen choose your band of warriors to fight with you. You can have your band automatically chosen for you by clicking on the Auto button or arrange them manually. Your band of warriors consists of five familiars, two starters and three that can be traded in as the battle begins.
  • Other important buttons on the Prep screen are Blood Brothers and forge Pact buttons. The blood brothers menu lets you strengthen and evolve your familiar companions and the forge pact button makes it possible to bring new familiars into your band I’ll talk more about this later on in this blood brothers guide.
  • Click on the begin button to start your adventure.

  • You are now at the game board screen, you can move in any direction you see an arrow. Clicking on the arrow moves you in that direction or you can tap on the Go button in the middle of the screen. When you come to a fork in the road you have to click on the arrow to decide where to go.
  • With every movement you use up an energy point. After you lose all thirty of your energy points you either have to wait some time for them to be restored or use an energy restoring item. Leveling up will also restore energy points, this only works when you level up not your familiars.

  • Throughout the game board there are various chests, coin purses, and monsters spawns. The basic wooden chests open automatically but all of the other chests only open when you have finished off the zone.

  • Battle Screen- Once you happen upon an opponent you are brought to a battle menu screen. In this screen you can choose to swap out an active familiar with a backup, to do this tap on the familiar you want to change out then click swap.

  • After you’re done getting your band set-up the way you like it hit the “begin battle” button. Once the fighting begins it’s out of your hands and is completed automatically.

  • When the dust settles down from the battle you can level yourself or your familiars up if you got enough xp.

  • Once in a while after a battle you will be able to bring a captured familiar to your side. To bring these rogue familiars into your band you use either heartsblood or bloodmeal. Heartsblood will always work in bringing familiars under your control but is hard to get hands whereas blood meal is common. I’d suggest holding heartsblood until you come across a rare familiar.

  • If you were able to convince the rogue familiar with the pact they will join your band. The max number of familiars you can have in your band is 50. If you ever exceed the max number of familiars, the leftovers are stored in a wagon then discarded after twenty four hours.

  • You can also come across Player Vs Player battles while in the game board, if you can best other players three times in a row you be granted items, pact coins, and/or gold.
  • When you go finish up the zone you will be gifted with coins, xp and treasure chests then bounced back to the main menu.

Blood Brothers Making Pacts tips

  • Making Pacts- We will now create new pacts by using pact coins that you find in treasure chests and after finishing up zones.
  • Most of your pacts will be formed with silver and copper coins and the best can be made with the mobacoins.(they can be used to make scarlet and blessed pacts)
  • Clicking on the Forge Pact button that is in the main menu will bring up the pact creation menu.
  • Every pact you can make will be displayed along with how many you can make. Just click on the pact you make, you can make up to ten pacts at once if you have enough coins in your inventory.
  • After you have finish making a pact you get a random familiar of varying strength ranging common (C) weakest to epic (E) the strongest. There is also UC for uncommon and rare(R)
  • Blood Brothers- Now Let’s move on to Blood brothers by clicking on the button in the main menu.

  • In this screen you do three big things you can do bond familiars empower and evolve them.

  • Bonding Familiars- with this option you make one of your familiars the boss of eight other familiars. To do this first pick a familiar you want to be a master then select the eight familiars you want to be the minions. Giving a familiar minions makes the master familiar much stronger but you lose the minion familiars.
  • Evolution- to evolve one familiar you must sacrifice another one of the same type. One familiar will be the spawn and the other the seed. Once used the seed will be lost and the spawn will by 5% to 10% of the seeds stats, the higher the level of the seed the bigger the stat bonus. After evolving a familiar twice will increase its’ skills and up the rarity. Also a familiar can only be evolved a finite number of time which is determined by the number of stars
  • Empowering- This option lets you boost your familiars base stats by using up crystals.

Blood Brothers tips tricks and cheats

  • Make sure you have spare heartsblood and bone meal, just in case you bump into a rare familiar capture.

  • Login every day to collect your daily reward, remember they are stored in your wagon.
  • Be sure to scour the maps as coin purses can be found there.

You Rock

Thank you for reading mmoguidewonderland’s blood brothers help guide. Be sure to check back often as we are working hard to put up new guides cheats and reviews. If you have any tips you would like to share let us know.


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