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Clash of Clans help guide Intro

The new free to play game from supercell, clash of clans has you building a Viking encampment into a robust city state. To get to the top will have to battle through hordes of goblins and test your wits against other players. This strategy guide will show you detailed information on how to play the game to its fullest.


Beginners Guide


Starting off the clash of clans strategy guide:

  • After firing up the game, you will be taken straight into your small beginner encampment
  • The beginners’ tutorial starts right away. Make sure to pay attention to the lady as she explains the basic mechanics of clash of clans


  • As with most Strategy games Clash of Clans has standard resources that allow you to perform the basic functions of the game. You can see to set-up in the picture below.

  • On the right hand side you have the yellow bar, which is your Gold count meter that allows you construct and upgrade the buildings in clash of clans
  • The purple on measures your elixirs which allows you to construct military units as well as upgrade your buildings
  • The final one on the right hand side gauges the number of gems you have. You should use your gems carefully because they are a very important part of the game. The gems are used to speed up the construction of your buildings or turn them in for gold or elixirs. You should use them sparingly unless you are willing to shell out some real money to buy more. The wait times for buildings can be long indeed.


  • At the top of the screen you will find the builder meter which shows you the buildings you can build as well as the ones you already have. You can only have one builder work on one building at a time and you must use your gems to make more builders
  • Next to the build meter is a shield. The shield lets you know how long you have until you are assaulted by other players while in multiplayer mode. You can use the gems to fill your shield and after every attack it automatically gets recharged.
  • Your Experience bar is on the left hand side. You can gain xp by building up your village and getting into fights. You are paired up with other players based on your current level.
  • Right below your level bar is your trophy icon which showcases all the trophies you’ve gained through multiplayer battles.
  • Under the trophy display is the achievements menu. After clicking the icon a list of achievements shows up. If you choose to complete a given task you will be awarded with gems

City Management:

Tips guide to City Management

  • Constructing your Buildings
    Builders are the cornerstone of Clash of clans as they are the only way to construct the fundamental buildings you need. The shop menu is accessed by clicking on the shop icon in bottom right of the screen as shown in the picture below.

  • Resource CollectorsThese collectors yet you gain the base resources you need. To collect Elixirs you need to build that collector and for gold you have to set up a gold mine. To get your resources they have to tapped after a while.
  • Army buildings-
    This menu allows you to build barracks which will let start making military units and laboratories which allow you to research. There is also army camps which act like a staging area for your recruits
  • Resource StorageIf you don’t build up your storage capability then will be wasting resources and won’t be able to build up more complex buildings.
  • DefensesThe defensive menu allows you to build up structures that will help you protect your settlement when attacked by other players. The building up of cannons, archery towers, walls and other defenses is the backbone to protecting you village. You must make sure you place these buildings in the right place to get the most out of them.

  • ObstaclesYour village can’t be expanded too much because it is blocked in by obstacles that are scattered throughout the map. If you want to make the encampment all it can be you have to eliminate those objects which will require using either gold or elixir to remove. Just click on them and use up the required resources.
  • Upgrading Buildings
    To upgrade buildings you just have to click on it and use a certain amount of elixir or gold. Make sure to do this a soon as possible as the lowest level buildings are horribly ineffective.


Combat hints tips guide:

  • AttackingTo get to the menu you see below you must click on the bottom left corner of the screen.

  • Playing solo If you are playing in single player mode the screen on the right shows you all the goblin villages you can attack. You must use the armies you built up at your encampment to destroy the goblin villages which give some gold and elixir you can use to build up your village. In Clash of Clans attacking these goblin villages don’t take away your settlements shield. The goblin village is shown below.

  • Your army is shown on the bottom of the screen. To unleash your army you have to click on your units’ icon then click on where you want to place it on the map as long as it’s not inside the reded out area which belongs to the enemy.
  • Multiplayer Game
    If you want to fight it out with another player, just click on find a match. Clash of Clans matches you up with another player who has close to the same level village as you. If you manage to destroy the other players’ village you will get chunk of gold and elixir. But remember once you decide to attack someone else you village is open to being attacked too.

Extra Tricks Tips and hints

  • Watch how you buildMake sure stack your buildings as close together as you can. This will let your defensive buildings cover more than one structure at time.
  • Keep your hands upMake sure you keep a good size army at your settlement so they can give you extra protection
  • Test again and againMake sure to test different arrangements for your village, you might find a better way to defend you village. Remember there is no penalty for moving buildings around


You Rock!

You finished mmoguideswonderland help guide. You now should know enough to stomp your friends and family in clash of Clans. If you have any tips tricks cheats and strategies you want to share let us know and check be often as we will be posting more guides.


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